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Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 12:00

Sermorelin is a biological active analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) that's created by the human brain to stimulate creation and release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement are believed to be stimulated by testosterone. The possibility of increased risk of these conditions with testosterone supplementation is of great anxiety because treatments for both conditions contain androgen suppression. Testosterone treatment was associated with increased prostate quantity, although not always high that was above -standard amounts.

Women with diminished sex drive have been shown to have lower free testosterone levels. In a 12-week trial 51 of 34 girls, testosterone treatment (1% lotion, 10 mg per day applied to the thigh) improved well-being, mood, and sexual function in premenopausal women with low libido and low testosterone levels. Testosterone is used for women with HIV infection, Turner's syndrome, premature ovarian failure, or long-term corticosteroid use.

Your Post Cycle Cleanse will reset those numbers, bring them back in line and flush out any remaining estrogen in your body, enabling you to, once again, reap full benefits of your Testosterone shots therapy. This occurs as an effect of lack of work and creation of the testes due to not needing since the endeavor has been taken care of via external source to create testosterone. Especially, men with smaller testicles suffer more from shrinkage while on therapy than men with bigger testicles. This is taken either through sublingual troches or via subcutaneous injection twice or once per week then and during therapy for 10 to 15 consecutive days as part of a post cycle regimen.

An exact diagnosis of what's called primary vs. secondary hypogonadism with a medical specialist who understands detailed physical examination findings, symptom profiles, and lab and picture testing procedures are important first steps in understanding whether testosterone therapy is appropriate for a guy and what therapy might do for him. There is a steady decline in testosterone levels from the 20s through menopause.


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